We've Reinvented the Way You
Post to Facebook

It's as Simple as Drag and Drop

Posting pictures and videos to Facebook used to mean you had to deal with the clunky browser interface. Not anymore. With Moment for Mac, if you can drag and drop, you can easily post pictures, videos, links, and status updates right to your timeline.


Share More, Right from Your Desktop

The Moment for Mac app icon sits directly on your desktop menu bar. Posting pictures, videos, links, and status updates to Facebook is as simple as dragging and dropping your files, text, or link on the icon, where you can then select or create an album, tell who you were with, and add captions and locations. A few quick clicks, and the app does the rest.

  • Photos

    Upload a single photo or an entire album instantly.

  • Links

    Share links without navigating away from the page you're viewing.

  • Videos

    Post original videos or share your favorite finds without waiting for them to upload.


Stay In the Loop with Notifications

Not only does Moment for Mac allow you to share what you're up to, but you can view your notifications to see what everyone else is doing too. Best of all, Moment is so simple and stylish, that anyone can use it, and everyone can appreciate it.


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