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by Patrick on 05 January 2011

It brings us great sadness to announce that we will no longer be pursuing Tweetmate.

As much as we want it to come to life, devoting precious resources is too much of a risk right now. The Iconfactory recently announced version 4 of Twitteriffic and we're sure Loren Brichter has something up his sleeve.

With that said, we think it's fair to show the full UI, and give a peek at what's to come. Just to be clear, we aren't looking for anyone to take the reins and continue development.

UPDATE: The very first mockup (before OS X Lion was introduced) with iOS-like TabBar.

Tweetmate Preview

Now for our future. We've been working on an iPad app for over 5 months that will truly change the way you get news. We can't say much now, but there will be an official announcement in a month or two. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter!