we handcraft appstm


An app based on an revolutionary algorithm for text summarization, which promisses a completely new reading experience.


A simple client for social network APP.net


A popular app for a collective photo collection on different topics. Piictu took part on Techstars in the 2011 season in NYC and has raised 2M USD in general.


Design concept of the new UI for the popular app Instagram. This concept got lot of attention and was mentioned in most of the medias in the field.


The easiest way to sell your stuff on Craigslist. Finally a Craigslist app that is beautifully designed and easy to use.

Temporarily removed from AppStore, because of negotiations with Craigslist.


An app for sharing video lead by the Silicon Valley veteran Alain Rossman. Klip has raised over 10M USD in several rounds of investments.


A never implemented concept of a digital newsstand.


A very popular and powerfull app that allows users to talk about music through lyrics and photos. Tunewiki inspires people to experience, understand and share the lyrics and songs they love.

Cookmate for iPad

The first app from Tapmates was Cookmate, which we successfully sold. This is a never implemented concept of the app for iPad.


A popular app for vieweing the content of Dribbble, where the best designers from the whole world show their great work.

Wood Camera

For the photographer in everyone. The Wood Camera app gives you unparalleled control over the shooting and editing process. Experiment with dramatic live lenses, textures and frames.

Our Story

It all started in the summer of ‘09, when developer mastermind Petr met Robin, a sought-after designer & entrepreneur. The two realized they shared a passion for a new technology that was changing the way the world communicated: the iPhone app. Petr had the coding expertise, but no flair for design. Robin’s design skills were on-point, but he needed more structural savvy. Together, they were a killer combination and they teamed up immediately.

Two months later they launched Cookmate, their first app. When Cookmate took 1st place at the LeWeb Conference in December 2009, Robin & Petr knew they were on to something. They decided to create their own company—one dedicated to hand-crafting apps that were as aesthetically beautiful as they were seamlessly functional in every little detail.

And so, Tapmates was born.

The company started taking on clients, and slowly but surely built up a team of the brightest talent in the industry. Word began to spread, and Tapmates grew steadily for about a year. In the winter of 2010, Tapmates created an unsolicited redesign of a hot new photo app called Instagram... That helped to gain the right attention. Interested developers and Silicon Valley startups began reaching out with offers and prospects.

The more projects Tapmates accepted, the more the team realized they loved working with startups. So when Jon Slimak approached them about creating a new app called Piictu, they jumped on the opportunity and made it into Techstars NY just a few months later. Shortly afterwards, they jetted off to Palo Alto, California to help startup veteran Alain Rossmann build Klip, his new video sharing app.

The decision was clear—Tapmates needed to move to the U.S.A. So In January of 2012, a new shop on beautiful 96th & Madison in New York City was set up. Today’s Tapmates is a group of 10+ seriously gifted professionals who are proud to offer their unparallelled brand of polished, design-driven engineering & meticulous attention to detail to startups around the globe.

With offices in NYC and the Czech Republic, Tapmates is thanks to the team full of enthusiastic people making the smartphone world a more beautiful place. One lovingly-built app at a time.

A+ Players

Our team member selection process is extensive, and we’ve taken great care to hand-pick only the very best talent. Over the past two years, we’ve formed a compact, close-knit team of highly effective A+ players, each with expansive knowledge of his/her realm, and unparalleled attention to detail.

We’re here to start up your startup

We’re not your typical agency-meets-body-shop, and there’s absolutely nothing corporate about our culture. We’re on board as your secret weapons, co-pilots, and the biggest supporters of your business and we’re not interested in taking a backseat. Our team is eager to provide the high-power knowledge that will be the cornerstone of your startup.